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Mayday Mayday! Bitcoin Crashes!

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and we have been following it for quiet some time now. (If you want to know what they exactly are, click here.) We have taken you to the highs and lows of the currency. But we are back, again with an update. On Tuesday, the cryptocurrency hit a six-week low (below […]

People Aren’t Happy About Facebook’s Update

Updates, updates, updates. The social media apps are continuously updated. Some for general reasons, others for more specific reasons. Facebook being one of the most successfully running apps, it has changed its complete outlook on various levels. Facebook also has sold many shares (of stock) because of its unceasing updates. Reportedly, more than 69 million […]

We want Justice for Zainab!

The Pakistani nation is engulfed in grief, shock and anger at the same time. Zainab, a beautiful angel was kidnapped, brutally raped and then murdered in the city of Kasur, Pakistan. This news came not only as a shock, but also as an eye-opener for all the nation. This horrific incident made us rethink our […]

Is Apple Inc. in Distress?

Apple Inc. is a well-known brand worldwide. Not only in the US and Europe, but it has millions of customers in Asia, South Africa and Australia. Almost 90% of the citizens of the US use Apple devices. The company is renowned for releasing new versions of their iPhone, almost every year. Each cellphone is better […]

Football Legend Diego Maradona Plays Charity Match with Sourav Ganguly

The legend of football, Diego Maradona played a charity football match against former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly. The match was played in Barasat, West Bengal. Ganguly described the 57-year old phenomena as a wonderful person, and that he never thought that he would ever get to play with a legend like of him.   Maradona […]