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Startup builds a 3D-printed house in just 24 hours!

ICON, a Texas based startup, has introduced a new method of building houses i.e. through 3D printing. They built their demonstration house in just 24 hours, and at a cost of only $10,000. For  building this house, ICON used an industrial sized Vulcan printer, and it’s now working to drop the cost to just $4,000. […]

Pakistan Ranked 79th In Terms of 4G Speed with 69% Availability

Pakistan’s Avg. 4G Speed got two points up from 11.67 Mbps in Nov 2017 to 13.56 Mbps in three months, as noted by OpenSignal in its Feb 2018 report. Despite of progress, Pakistan was ranked 79th out of 88 countries surveyed, the Nov-2017 report placed the country 70th out of 77 surveyed. Interestingly, Pakistan’s avg. […]

WhatsApp to Change Its Features?

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded (and used) apps in the smartphone world. Not only it has made connecting to people easy, its user-friendly interface has also enabled people to share documents, pictures and videos along with text and audio messages. Everyone in the world knows that big companies want to annihilate their competitors, […]

O Snapchat!! No More Stories!

Snapchat has been a fad, since the past two years. It is a social media app that lets you share ‘stories’ with your friends and family, specifically for those people who you have added to be your friends. The app is very famous among the millennials and their ‘filters’ have taken the world by storm. […]

This Astronaut Claims That His Height Increased In Space. Well?

To be chosen as an astronaut is an honor, specially for the people who take ‘honor’ very seriously. Japan is one of those nations who take their values very seriously. Recently, a Japanese astronaut apologized for a false Tweet.   It is common knowledge that people who spend an extended time in the space, “grow” […]

Apple Apologizes

Since the past few months, Apple Inc. has been the topic on everyone’s discussions. From Apple’s new iPhone versions, to the lawsuits. Admittedly, the lawsuits have been discussed more than the actual phones themselves. A few consumers filed a lawsuit and claimed that Apple deliberately slows down their phones, forcing the customers to buy or […]

Sales of Apple X Have Been Disappointing

News circulating around the market is that, the sales of Apple X have drastically fallen. Keeping this in mind, Apple will slash its sales forecast of the iPhone X in the first quarter to 30 million units (dropping down from 50 million). The tech giant anticipated a much better response for the new version of […]

Important! Scam Alert

Living in this technology-infused age, it is hard to live without a device which is connected to the internet. While smartphones and laptops are being used to their extreme, scammers are also using their best to make fool of as many people as they can. The latest scam (that was noted by a tech genius) […]

Is Apple Inc. in Distress?

Apple Inc. is a well-known brand worldwide. Not only in the US and Europe, but it has millions of customers in Asia, South Africa and Australia. Almost 90% of the citizens of the US use Apple devices. The company is renowned for releasing new versions of their iPhone, almost every year. Each cellphone is better […]