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Pioneer of Sufi Rock at KhiLF 2018

Fans of literature, including myself, got lucky this past weekend by getting to attend the 9th Karachi Literature Festival 2018 at the Beach Luxury Hotel. The event consisted of several sessions regarding literature, drama, book launches and Qawwali. There were several stalls like News One, City FM 89, Radio One FM 91, Habib University, British […]

5 Most Romantic Holiday Destinations

Is expressing your love becoming a tad bit boring? Red roses and chocolates looking too cliched? Give your loved one something that would be impossible to forget! A trip to one of the most beautiful places on this planet. But what place to visit? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are 5 romantic holiday […]

Can Having a Beard, Save Your Life?

Good news for all the men out there! Having facial hair can now save your life! They also make you look more appealing than an average guy (as said by 90 percent of the girls). Having a beard, is not only fashionable, but it is also good for your health can prevent against cancer. A […]

5 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Peanuts This Winter

Peanuts is one of those dry fruits which are taken for granted by us. Being one of the cheapest in the family, these nuts have amazing health benefits. These nuts are filled with healthy nutrients and hence, have a multitude of positive effects. Lowers Cholesterol For anyone who has high cholesterol, they should eat peanuts […]

Saudi Arabia and UAE Introduce the VAT

While talent hunting, all Saudi and UAE recruiters could proudly say that these countries are ‘tax-free countries’ but not anymore. The leaders of the region have decided to impose a 5% tax for everyone. Also known to the world as Value Added Tax (VAT). This tax is charged because of the oil price collapse, three […]

5 Things That Make Karachiites Go GaGa!

If you are brought-up in Karachi, you will definitely be relating to these 5 things that can rock up the lives of Karachi’s inhabitants. 1. RAIN It barely rains in Karachi but when it does, it is celebrated and relished despite knowing the aftermaths. Roads and roof-tops get flooded with people enjoying every single droplet […]

Is Apple Inc. in Distress?

Apple Inc. is a well-known brand worldwide. Not only in the US and Europe, but it has millions of customers in Asia, South Africa and Australia. Almost 90% of the citizens of the US use Apple devices. The company is renowned for releasing new versions of their iPhone, almost every year. Each cellphone is better […]