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Startup builds a 3D-printed house in just 24 hours!

ICON, a Texas based startup, has introduced a new method of building houses i.e. through 3D printing. They built their demonstration house in just 24 hours, and at a cost of only $10,000. For  building this house, ICON used an industrial sized Vulcan printer, and it’s now working to drop the cost to just $4,000. […]

Pakistan Ranked 79th In Terms of 4G Speed with 69% Availability

Pakistan’s Avg. 4G Speed got two points up from 11.67 Mbps in Nov 2017 to 13.56 Mbps in three months, as noted by OpenSignal in its Feb 2018 report. Despite of progress, Pakistan was ranked 79th out of 88 countries surveyed, the Nov-2017 report placed the country 70th out of 77 surveyed. Interestingly, Pakistan’s avg. […]

Pioneer of Sufi Rock at KhiLF 2018

Fans of literature, including myself, got lucky this past weekend by getting to attend the 9th Karachi Literature Festival 2018 at the Beach Luxury Hotel. The event consisted of several sessions regarding literature, drama, book launches and Qawwali. There were several stalls like News One, City FM 89, Radio One FM 91, Habib University, British […]

Is our favorite “Prince” making a comeback?

The modern consumer is guided by more realistic games, apps and software than before. Those who have been gaming since the past decade (or so), will understand the actual evolution of games. From 1D to 3D and now, virtual reality is taking gaming to new heights. Game producers keep their customers engaged by producing new […]

Should Energy Drinks Be Banned for Teenagers?

Drinking energy drinks is one of the norm now. What are energy drinks? They are a type of beverage, which contains stimulants to enhance your mental and physical performance. It is usually taken for instant energy. It contains caffeine (along with other chemicals), which seem to boost your mood and work energy. A recent study […]

We want Justice for Zainab!

The Pakistani nation is engulfed in grief, shock and anger at the same time. Zainab, a beautiful angel was kidnapped, brutally raped and then murdered in the city of Kasur, Pakistan. This news came not only as a shock, but also as an eye-opener for all the nation. This horrific incident made us rethink our […]

Child Safety First! Pedophile Alert!

Nowadays, its very easy to manipulate anyone, and a child is the easiest target. Considering the conditions of the society, its imperative that we teach our children, how to handle different situations, specially if it involves inappropriate touching. Sexual predators start with inappropriate touches, which leads to harassing or coaxing the child into doing heinous […]

5 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Peanuts This Winter

Peanuts is one of those dry fruits which are taken for granted by us. Being one of the cheapest in the family, these nuts have amazing health benefits. These nuts are filled with healthy nutrients and hence, have a multitude of positive effects. Lowers Cholesterol For anyone who has high cholesterol, they should eat peanuts […]

Saudi Arabia and UAE Introduce the VAT

While talent hunting, all Saudi and UAE recruiters could proudly say that these countries are ‘tax-free countries’ but not anymore. The leaders of the region have decided to impose a 5% tax for everyone. Also known to the world as Value Added Tax (VAT). This tax is charged because of the oil price collapse, three […]

Are These The 22 Most Exotic Places On Earth?

We live on the only planet in the solar system, which can sustain life. It gives us a huge choice of beautiful landscapes, ranging from towering mountains, tropical paradises and mysterious beaches. Here’s s list of some of the most exotic places, all around the world. Petra, Jordan This mysterious place rises out of a […]