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Startup builds a 3D-printed house in just 24 hours!

ICON, a Texas based startup, has introduced a new method of building houses i.e. through 3D printing. They built their demonstration house in just 24 hours, and at a cost of only $10,000. For  building this house, ICON used an industrial sized Vulcan printer, and it’s now working to drop the cost to just $4,000. […]

Pakistan Ranked 79th In Terms of 4G Speed with 69% Availability

Pakistan’s Avg. 4G Speed got two points up from 11.67 Mbps in Nov 2017 to 13.56 Mbps in three months, as noted by OpenSignal in its Feb 2018 report. Despite of progress, Pakistan was ranked 79th out of 88 countries surveyed, the Nov-2017 report placed the country 70th out of 77 surveyed. Interestingly, Pakistan’s avg. […]

Should Black Friday be called Blessed Friday instead?

It all began in 2015 when Daraz introduced the first of its kind year end sales in Pakistan. Naming after “Black Friday”, the American term for the shopping day after Thanksgiving, Daraz broke all national sales record that year and gave away Rs.132 million in discounts.  Thank You for Helping Us Make History! #DarazBlackFriday #BlackFridayPK […]

Three Pakistani movies set to shake the box office this winter!

Pakistani cinema has seen a revival in the last few year with local movies doing great in box office and at times are preferred over their Bollywood counterparts. Here we look at three most promising movies that are slated for winter 2017 release. 3. Verna Verna is going to be Shoaib Mansoor’s third feature film […]

Is Sweden the ultimate fairy tale winter holiday destination? 8 reasons why!

Are you exploring options to spend your winter holidays somewhere in the North? Here we present eight reasons why Sweden can be your ultimate fairy tale destination for winter holidays. 8. Swedish towns look so romantic in winters #stockholmwinter #stockholm #sweden🇸🇪 A post shared by Vaggelis Polychronopoulos (@vpolixron) on Dec 21, 2016 at 6:55am PST […]

021Disrupt cracks the startup code in Karachi

Picture: Nest I/O

021Disrupt calls it a wrap on Sunday 5th November after two days of sparking conversations and aiming to address challenges. Organized by Nest I/O, P@SHA’s technology incubator, 021Disrupt was attended by over 650 participants that included startups, professionals, students, influencers, seed capitalists and venture capital fund managers. The conference was not only packed with exciting […]

At least 10% accounts duplicate, 2 to 3% fake: Estimates Facebook

Picture by by Anthony Quintano

Facebook reported $10.3 billion in revenues for third quarter of 2017 on Wednesday, showing 47% YoY growth. However, as the Wall Street continued to analyze Facebook’s financials over the end of the week, there was interesting revelation on part of Facebook. Facebook’s CFO, David M. Wehner, stated that the company estimates at least 10% of the […]

Thor strikes theaters on Nov 3rd with Ragnarok

Picture: Marvel

Marvel fans! We know that nothing will stop you from buying tickets for Thor: Ragnarok this weekend. The superhero movie genre keeps growing as Marvel and DC comics unleash iconic characters having their own individual movies from adventures written back in comic books from the old and fans in Pakistan couldn’t get any less excited […]